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Player commands

    /warzones                                  Lists all the warzones on the server

    /warzone <zone-name>                Teleports you to the warzone’s teleport point

    /teams                                      Lists the current warzone’s teams (you must be standing in a warzone)

    /join <team-name>                      Join the team. You cannot leave the warzone until you use /leave.
                                                   Each of your deaths takes one life away from your team’s life pool.

    /leave                                       Leave the team. Allows you to walk off the warzone.

    /team <message>.                      Team chat.

Referee commands

    /restartbattle                             Team life pools are reset. Everyone back to their team spawns. 
                                                   All blocks in the warzone are reset to their initial state (see /savewarzone below for the snapshot). 
                                                   Does not reload the configuration files (use /resetwarzone instead).

Warzone-maker commands

    /setwarzone <zone-name> <‘northwest’/’southeast’>    Create a warzone and set its northwesternmost and southeasternmost extremities. 
                                                                              Use 'northwest'/'nw' and 'southeast'/'se' interchangeably.

    /newteam <team-name>                                         Create a new team spawn where you stand.

    /savewarzone                                                        Set the warzone teleport point where you stand and save the blocks of the warzone in memory 
                                                                              (i.e. a snapshot of the warzone’s initial state, see /restartbattle and /resetwarzone).

    /resetwarzone <new life pool (optional)>                    Kicks everyone from their team and teleports them to the warzone teleport. Everything in the warzone is reset. 
                                                                              Reloads the warzone configuration file. Optionally change the number of lives in the teams life pools. 
                                                                              Use /savewarzone afterwards to persist the life pool change.

    /teamspawn <team-name>                                      Change the team spawn location.

    /monument <name>                                               Create a new monument where you stand or change an existing monument's location.


    /deleteteam <team-name>

    /deletemonument <name>