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War is the original PVP Arena plugin for Bukkit, the Minecraft multiplayer server API.

Updated Feb 1 - Download War v1.8 (Nimitz)

Potentially unstable dev builds available @

Full changelog below

> Features

War lets you create warzones, PVP arenas that host team deathmatch and capture-the-flag battles.

  • As a player, you get a fast-paced PVP arena experience in SMP.
    • Join a battle by entering through the warzone lobby. There is one gate per team (team diamond, gold or iron): step in to join that team. 
    • Your inventory is saved when you join a battle, and restored when you exit.
    • When you die inside a warzone, you get instantly teleported back to your spawn, and one life is taken from your team's life pool. When that pool runs out, the other teams score a point!
    • Steal the enemy team flag to score for your team.
    • Fight over monuments, control points that, when captured, restore your teammates' health.
    • Return the cake home to score a point for your team and refill your life pool.
    • Capture the bomb and run for your enemy's spawn to blow it up. Careful! If you get attacked at close range you'll blow up.
  • As a warzone maker, you have total control.
    • Take advantage of cool landscape features or existing player-built structures and incorporate them in new warzones.
    • Tons of options: friendly-fire, auto-assign, turn off PVP outside warzones, define respawn loadouts specific to each zone, and more!
  • All the blocks in a zone are reset at the end of every battle.
  • Players are prevented from entering or leaving a zone - except through the designated warzone lobby - by a magic glass wall.
  • warhub can be created to link all your zones together.
  • Works with Spout: War event notifications and other HUD improvements.
Refer to the instructions and to the release notes below for more details.

Important! Known bugs and planned features can be found here.


Download War v1.8 (Nimitz) - compatible with Craftbukkit 1.6.4-R2.0 and 1.7.2-R0.2, please make backups before updating.

Want bleeding edge compatibility and features? Join the bug hunt. Find dev builds @

Code & Issues (github)

Bukkit forums post

Spout forums post 

Bukkit Dev minisite

Minecraft forums post

More videos and tutorials over here.

Join the discussion in the War Room our forum/mailing list. 

Chat at #warpvp 

Everyone is welcome to come try out the plugin at

The Warhub - tommytony's official War server @

A tutorial introducing the War commands and mechanics.

Fan vid:


posted Feb 1, 2014, 9:17 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Feb 2, 2014, 9:35 AM ]

God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right even though I think it is hopeless.

Hello warriors,

Today marks the first big release for War in more than a year: War v1.8 (Nimitz). When you get a chance, please take the time to thank the hard work and dedication of @cmastudios and our community for bringing us this long-awaited release.

Here’s a rundown of all changes. Please remember to backup all your worlds and your War plugin files before applying this update.

Localization support
War has gone international! Server admins can now tailor the fun of War to their community’s culture. Please see for details.

Huge thanks to the international community of translators who helped us through the webtranslateit platform!

New warzone file format for mod & future support
War now supports custom blocks for greater compatibility with other mods.

When you first load War v1.8, your warzone files will be converted to a new SQLite-based format. This one time conversion process can take up to a few minutes when you first launch your War 1.8 server.

Please note that the new file format, while providing enhanced functionality, does take up a lot more disk space than the old format (from two to three times more space to an order of magnitude more, in the worst cases). If disk space usage is an issue for you, please let us know. Also consider taking the time to clean up your plugins/War/temp folder which stores deleted warzones and old versions.

Tip: if you are upgrading from War v1.7.4 or older and you want to be on the safe side, try /deletewarhub before the update. The warhub has been known to glitch randomly (destroying some blocks surrounding it, in rare occurrences) during migration to the new version. Use /setwarhub to bring back the structure after the migration.

Batched warzone resets: smoother battle endings for your server
Instead of resetting all the blocks in a warzone immediately after the end of a battle, War now disables the warzone and loads the blocks in batches based on a speed property. This prevents server hangs/freezes when resetting large warzones that can sometimes cause players to get kicked due to timeouts. The new anti-crash mechanism prevents this and keeps players on, waiting anxiously for the next game to start instead of leaving.

The default speed of the resets is pretty slow, especially on new high-powered game servers. This can be changed by using /warcfg resetspeed:5000, where 5000 is the amount of blocks to reset per-tick. We personally recommend pushing this value up as high as possible as long as it doesn’t cause player disconnections.

Also, a new option allows you to completely prevent warzone resets at the end of a game: just use /zonecfg resetblocks:false. Beware of changes to the warzone caused by nature, however. See /warcfg print and /zonecfg print for more reset options.

The Minecraft scoreboard can be used to display the scores of each team in a warzone or their lifepool. Use /zonecfg scoreboard:points to show scores, use /zonecfg scoreboard:lifepool to display how many lives each team has remaining and use the default “none” option to hide the scoreboard. Make sure to use /resetzone after you make this change.

Want to view a warzone scoreboard while away from a game? Use /zone ziggy scoreboard to show you the scoreboard for the game in zone ziggy.

Please note more functionality will be added to the scoreboard in the next few releases. Stay tuned for updates!

Kill streaks: experimental and explosive!
Killstreak rewards can be configured in the set.war.killstreak section of war.yml. Rewards will only be applied to players if the team/warzone has killstreak set to true in its configuration.

The configuration section will get populated on generation of war.yml. To get this to populate after updating from war 1.7, change any /warcfg setting.

Currently the system supports messaging the entire warzone and just the attacker. The system supports rewards of items, health, airstrikes, points, and xp currently. We plan to add more in the future with your suggestions.

For an in-depth example of killstreaks in War, visit Be warned the items section may be a bit hard to configure by hand; we plan to add easier ways to add to it in the future.

Signs to teleport to zones
Sign posts can be used as quick teleports to any warzone. Players can just walk over the signs to warp to the warzone of their choice. This is useful to create groupings or categories of warzones. See for details.

MCStats Metrics
War now contains server stat-tracking to give the developers some insight on how servers use the plugin. This allows us to track plugin usage and gather information about which features server owners enjoy the most. Keeping this option turned on will enable us to focus our time and energy working on what the admin community desires the most.

For more information and how to disable metrics, visit View War plugin metrics at Stats may be inaccurate until enough people update the plugin to v1.8.

Other Improvements
  • Warhub zone gates now highlight active warzones. The corners of the gates turn to redstone blocks with torches attached when players join, making it much more obvious to find a game with players in it (which was a problem with large warhubs).
  • The setting blockheads:true now gives your teams a colored leather helmet (instead of replacing the entire head with a colored wool block). You can still open your inventory and click your helmet armor slot to collect a wool block to help you capture monuments, though.
  • Soup PVP support thanks to @nicholasntp: turn on using /zonecfg souphealing:true
Various Fixes
  • Errors in the loadout system were causing loadouts to appear in the wrong warzones.
  • The chat box does not disappear anymore when you die and respawn (so you don’t lose the text you were typing, which used to be a major annoyance)
  • No more automatic flag or cake capture when you get automatically teleported to your team’s spawn (when you illegally exit the warzone, for example)
  • Removed the annoying “Can’t re-enter spawn” behavior. Players lose their spawn protection as soon as they walk out of their team’s spawn.
Thanks again for sticking with the War plugin through the years. We hope this release brings you many hours of PVP pleasure and that you forward us your feedback (suggestions and bug reports) on our Github issues board here:

Download War v1.8 (Nimitz)!
Compatible with Craftbukkit 1.6.4-R2.0 and 1.7.2-R0.2.

War on!

- tommytony


posted Mar 12, 2013, 8:23 PM by tommy tony

Hi everyone,

Here's a small patch that I should have released back in January.

This update fixes problems that appeared with the BlockFace API changes that came with Craftbukkit RB 1.4.5-R1.0.

Keep an eye on the dev builds at for some long overdue additions that should be coming soon.

This release is compatible with Craftbukkit 1.4.7-R1.0 and previous versions.

Download War v1.7.4


posted Dec 8, 2012, 12:44 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Dec 8, 2012, 12:45 PM ]

Hi all,

Here's an update that I've been sitting on since September. Real life took over and I'm sorry I've been unable to push the development of War further in the past few months.

This is a minor update which adds:

- Support for block IDs from 128 to 255
- Slightly smoother spawn re-entry protection
- Delaying the Warhub's initialization to make sure it initializes properly at startup.

This release is compatible with Craftbukkit from 1.2.5-R4 to 1.4.5-R0.2.

Note that War v1.7.3 is NOT compatible with Craftbukkit 1.4.5-R0.3 due to breaking changes in the API which I still need to address.


posted Jun 23, 2012, 3:12 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Jun 23, 2012, 3:13 PM ]

Hello everyone,

Over the past three months, War has more than doubled in popularity - War v1.7.1 was downloaded over 30,000 times. I need thank everyone for trying out the plugin and all the contributors that helped us get here. Thank you so much!

Now I'll be the first to admit that War has some quirks, so for this release I focused on fixing bugs and tweaking existing game mechanics. Still, I needed to keep this fun so I sneaked in a few features that were highly requested and some that I'd wanted to put in there for way too long.

Over the past week I finally went to work (sorry for the delays!) and got this rather sizable "stability & small improvements" release together for you:

New/Adjusted Features
  • Inventory reset and end-of-game code reworked and toughened up to make sure people get their inventories back after a game of War (so sorry for the problems! - see Bug fixes below)
  • Players can now bring a copy of their inventories inside the warzone
    • One of the most often requested features over the past few months
    • Use "/zonecfg playerloadoutasdefault:true". The player's own inventory as he entered the warzone becomes his default loadout every time he respawns.
    • Alternate loadouts can still be used. The player gets his full inventory back when he exits the match.
  • TDM and CTF stalemates caused by spawn protection cannot happen anymore
    • Can't re-enter spawn! Players cannot get back into their own spawn after exiting (unless for legitimate flag and cake captures).
    • Players that are still the spawn are still invincible, in order to let them select then loadout in peace.
    • You can still enter the enemy's span in order to bump off and punish afk people, though.
  • Warhub, lobby don't wipe their entire volume to air anymore
    • In warhub and lobbies, only the minimal block path required to let players teleport and to let them navigate between gates is cleared.
    • Similarly, gameplay structures (monument, flag, cake, bomb, spawn) now only clear a 2-block high space of air (instead of a needlessly large volume).
  • Customizable warhub and lobby materials
    • Hold the block of your choosing in your hand then use 
      • /warcfg warhubmaterial:<floor/outline/gate/light> or
      • /zonecfg lobbymaterial:<floor/outline/gate/light>
    • If you are holding nothing (i.e. air) and you use these commands with the "floor" or the "outline" parameter, it tells War to use the original floor instead of overwriting it.
    • Lobbies of new warzones take their materials from the warhub's settings
  • PRO TIP: The brand new (slightly backwards) way to build a pretty warhub or warzone lobby is here!
    • First, build a nice area with a nice floor, colums or other details. 
    • THEN, use /setwarhub or /setzonelobby to place your structure. 
    • Switch out the materials with "/warcfg warhubmaterial:<floor/outline/gate/light>" or "/zonecfg lobbymaterial:<floor/outline/gate/light>".
    • Hold nothing while using the warhubmaterial:<floor/outline> or lobbymaterial:<floor/outline> command in order to keep your original floor.
    • Voilà! You have a pretty warhub or lobby!
    • If your lobby or warhub is already placed, I suggest moving it away, making a nice build, then placing it back in its original position once you are done. Akward for now, but it works! :)
  • Customizable monument, flag stand, cake and bomb materials
    • Hold the block you want in your hand then use "/zonecfg material:<main/stand/light>".
    • Simplified the cake and bomb structures to make customization easier.
  • Less brutal minplayers/minteams check
    • When a player leaves the warzone and makes the warzone population go under minplayers in minteams, you don't get warped back to spawn right at that moment anymore.
    • Once you respawn, you will be locked inside the spawn until there's at least minplayers in minteams.
  • Automatic warzone backups during /savezone, /deletezone and /renamezone
    • If you have the setting "/warcfg keepoldzoneversions:true", then /savezone makes a copy of the old save to the folder /plugins/War/temp/oldversions/ with a timestamp and a version number (i.e. previous number of old versions + 1).
    • Deleted warzones are not truly deleted anymore, they just get moved to the folder /plugins/War/temp/deleted/.
    • When you use /renamezone, a copy of the warzone with its old name is made to /plugins/War/temp/renamed/.
    • WARNING: The new automatic backup can lead to high disk space usage
      • Turn off the oldversion setting with "/warcfg keepoldzoneversions:false" if you prefer to minimize disk space usage.
      • Make sure to permanently delete unneeded files in the /deleted/, /renamed/ and /oldversion/ folder once in a while.
  • Dedicated War log file now at /plugins/War/temp/war.log
    • Added more and better logging of player commands
    • Makes it finally much easier to track down who did what with War config changes
  • Everyone can now see the game rules
    • All can use "/warcfg print" (or "/warcfg -p"). 
    • Same with "/zonecfg print" and "/teamcfg print".
  • Better message formatting
    • Messages from War don't get their words cut in half anymore, making everything much easier to read.
    • Help for /warcfg, /zonecfg, /teamcfg and other commands has more colors and is slightly better structured.

Bug fixes
  • FINALLY, nailed down the inventory reset bug which caused many people to get their inventories wiped or to get replaced by the warzone loadout as they exited.
    • I'm so very sorry for all the drama that must have ensued on all your servers. :( The problem is truly gone now.
    • I used this opportunity to make the end-of-game code more solid to ensure all inventories get reset and the warzone is properly re-initialized.
  • Renaming a warzone with /renamezone now works fine and doesn't completely corrupt the warzone anymore. A backup is taken of the old warzone with its old name in the /plugins/War/temp/ folder.
  • Exiting the warzone accidentally now makes you drop your flag, cake or bomb. This used to be annoying because it let you auto-cap by sneaking out of the zone.
  • Better compatibility with some other plugins by cranking up the priority of War's death and damage event handlers to the highest level
    • Factions: Players from the same faction can now fight each other.
    • mcMMO, MagicSpeels: Players who killed themselved or got one-shot-killed by projectiles now get their loadouts back when they respawn.
    • Heroes: Cleaned up the behavior of War when "/zonecfg realdeaths:true".
  • Support for unsafe/illegal enchantments like those possible with other plugins like Time the Enchanter (loadouts and chests).

Tested with Craftbukkit 1.2.5-R4.

I'll be updating the War manual at momentarily to reflect the new changes.

Thanks so much to all contributors and players and to those who tried out the dev builds at, and thanks in particular to @shanko and @cmastudios for their big help!

Download War v1.7.2 NOW - Join the Fight!

Joyeuse St-Jean-Baptiste! :)


posted Apr 6, 2012, 10:22 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Apr 6, 2012, 10:32 PM ]

Hi everyone. Here's the long overdue new War release: War v1.7.1.

- New: Compatibility with Craftbukkit 1.1-R6, 1.2.3, 1.2.4 and 1.2.5
- New: Warzone config setting resetonconfigchanged is now available and false by default. This means /zonecfg and /teamcfg DON'T reset the warzone blocks anymore by default.
- New: Bomb carrier doesn't cause explosion if warzone has setting unbreakable:true
- Bugfix: Potion effects are properly cleared.
- Bugfix: Blockhead restoration shouldn't cause errors anymore.
- Bugfix: Attempt at stopping duplicate end-of-game and inventory reset problem. Please report back if your inventories don't reset at match end.

Also, note the new logo. Many thanks to @mphawey for the design.

v1.7 - Doolittle

posted Feb 1, 2012, 7:54 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Feb 1, 2012, 9:47 PM ]

If we should have to fight, we should be prepared to so so from the neck up instead of from the neck down.

I couldn't finish everything I wanted to do for this release, but I managed to squeeze in some pretty good bits nonetheless. 

What's new:
  • Team specific settings and config inheritance:
    • There are now three levels of configuration (as opposed to two): 
      • War/global (try /warcfp -p)
      • Warzone-specific (/zonecfp -p) 
      • New: Team-specific (/teamcfg -p)
    • Defaults are defined at the War level globally, but you can override them with /zonecfg and /teamcfg. For example, use "/teamcfg blue lifepool:100 respawntimer:5" to change only that team's settings.
    • To restore config inheritance use, for example, "/teamcfg blue delete:lifepool". If a warzone-level lifepool setting exists, its value takes over. If not, the War-level default is applied.
  • Brand new gameplay structures! The Cake and the Bomb.
    • The Cake
      • Set down with "/setcake <cake-name>", delete with "/deletecake <name>".
      • Bring it back to your spawn for a point and a lifepool refill for your team.
    • The Bomb
      • Place with "/setbomb <bomb-name>", delete with "/deletebomb <name>".
      • Rush for the enemy spawn to blow it up.
      • Don't get attacked at close range while carrying a bomb or you'll blow up.
  • Spout integration
    • Warzone stats are displayed at top left
    • Dedicated War message feed (for less War chat spam - win!)
    • Notifications for warzone events using the achievements widgets (looks awesome)
  • A new, more friendly Yaml config file format (conversion is done at startup), finally.
  • New realdeaths and deathmessages configs that let you disable fast respawns (for better plugin cross-compatibility) and turn off kill/death messages.
  • A respawntimer:<seconds> setting to let you keep players stuck in spawn after respawning.
  • Experience is stored along with the rest of the player's state at warzone entry (and restored at exit).
  • Bomb carriers emit a smoke trail. Similarly, flag and cake thieves can be more easily tracked down because they leave a trail of team-colored potion effects.
What are you waiting for?

Compatible with Craftbukkit 1.1-R3. 

Please backup before updating and report back with your issues.



posted Jan 14, 2012, 12:39 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Jan 14, 2012, 3:05 PM ]

Happy new year everyone!

War turned one year old during the holiday season. It's been a privilege and a pleasure to build this with you. I look forward to War taking great strides ahead in this second year.

To kick things off nicely, I setup a continuous integration site so you can finally download the newest dev War builds fresh off the latest pushes to github.

Get the latest dev builds @

Be aware that these preview builds will have more bugs than final releases. Make sure to backup your War files before any upgrade, as always.

I've been hard at work since the holidays. In the latest build you'll find:
  • Spout integration: team stats, a dedicated message feed, team-colored name tags and notifications for warzone events.
  • A new inheritance-based config system that introduces team-specific settings (see /teamcfg).
  • Finally switched to Yaml file format with automatic conversion on first run.
Note that this hasn't been tested with the newer Crafbukkit builds for MC 1.1 just yet. Just keep watching that builds feed I shouldn't be too long with testing it out and ironing the new bugs out as they show up.

Best wishes.

v1.6.2 - de Gaulle - Updated!

posted Dec 20, 2011, 3:12 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Dec 21, 2011, 8:17 AM ]

Vive le Québec libre!

Just in time for the holidays, here's an update that - in my opinion - rounds off the "master plan" I had when I first conceived of this plugin a year ago almost exactly.

I'd like to thank all of you for your patience in supporting this project all year long. I look forward to adding more exciting features in the year ahead!

Here's what's new in War v1.6.1 v1.6.2:
  • Permissions changes & warzone authors
    • Two new permission nodes: war.zonemaker and war.admin.
    • Give the war.zonemaker permission node to let people create new warzones.
    • When zone makers create a zone, they are automatically assigned as a warzone author.
    • Zone makers cannot edit others' warzones anymore. You need to be the author of a zone to edit it.
      • Add more authors to a warzone with /zonecfg author:<newauthor>.
      • Remove an author with /zonecfg deleteauthor:<name>.
      • List zone authors with /zonecfg -p.
    • Give the war.admin permission node to let people edit all warzones (without author restrictions) and change War settings. This is similar to the old war.* permission.
    • Backwards compatible: the old war.* permission node is still supported and still gives you full War permissions. When using pvpinzonesonly:true, with war.* you can always PVP outside warzones, while war.admin gives you the choice to add the war.pvp node or not.
  • Craftbukkit RB 1597 / MC 1.0.1 compatibility
    • Potions and enchanted items can now be saved in respawn loadouts, chests and dispensers.
    • Instant damage (harm) splash potions now register damage properly.
    • Potion effects are cleared when you enter a warzone and restored when you exit. 
    • Potion effects are also cleared with each respawn.
    • Harming potion deaths are now caught instead of being ignored.
  • New maxzones setting to prevent zonemakers from building too many warzones. Set with /warcfg maxzones:<number>. Default is 12.
  • Your last loadout selection is remembered at your next respawn, instead of forcing you to re-select your favorite loadout every time. This should be a big time saver for warzones with many extra loadouts.
  • Bug fixes
    • Technically, items that automatically break upon first use should be gone from newer loadouts. Please notify me if this still happens.
    • Warzone lobbies can now be moved to another world.
    • The warhub can now be moved from one world to another.
    • Extra loadouts don't need two attempts to be saved anymore.
  • Known issues
    • Please report any instance of weapons disappearing upon first use (right or left click).
    • Updated to v1.6.2 to fix doors turning to glass. Since MC 1.0.0 War has trouble resetting doors (they sometimes turn to glass - don't ask, it's a terrible hack). Resetting a few times sometimes helps. I'm looking into it and will release a 1.6.2 patch as soon as I nail it down.

Compatible with Craftbukkit #1597.

If your wondering about future plans and progress, please refer to my big plans post and follow me on github.

Happy holidays!

v1.6 - de Gaulle - FINAL

posted Oct 1, 2011, 12:52 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Oct 1, 2011, 1:23 PM ]

Today I finally finished the last ticket I had scheduled for the War v1.6 milestone. Crazy stuff in this release has been months in the making.

Thanks to @TimWolla who helped me a lot. Here's what's new in this final release of War v1.6:
  • Classes
    • Use '/zonecfg loadout:<extra-loadout-name>' to add an alternate respawn loadout. Players switch loadouts by sneaking.
    • Use '/zonecfg deleteloadout:<name>' to get rid of an extra loadout. You can delete the default loadout.
  • For MC 1.8+
    • Now saving health level, food level, saturation, exhaustion and gamemode when you enter a warzone.
    • Forcing creative mode player to switch to survival when they join a game.
    • Disable the hunger bar with '/zonecfg nohunger:true'. This also turns off the health-regeneration of food.
    • Instead, determine how fast players will become hungry after a respawn with '/zonecfg saturation:<0 to 20>'.
  • Glass walls
    • Glass walls can be turned off with '/zonecfg glasswalls:off'.
    • You get bumped back into the zone instead of back to the spawn if you walk out of the zone boundaries.
  • Gameplay
    • Use '/zonecfg flagreturn:<both/spawn/flag>' to change where the flag carrier can return the flag.
    • '/zonecfg flagpointsonly:true' let's you have pure CTF.
    • Easy spleef with two new settings: '/zonecfg pvpinzone:false instabreak:true' to turn off pvp inside a zone and let players break blocks instantly.
  • TNT
    • New TNT protection scheme. Important structures are rolled back instead of stopping explosions.
    • With the setting '/warcfg tntinzonesonly:true', any TNT explosion outside a warzone is cancelled.
    • TNT inside warzones is allowed. Outside blocks affected by explosions from inside the warzone are rolled back.
  • Fancy new death messages.
  • SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit support. See WAR-README.txt for permissions.
  • Added helmet/blockhead protection: if you remove your head block, it will be reset automatically (and you are prevented from holding too many head-items).
  • Dropped items get cleaned up after each reset (thanks Tim!)
  • New commands:
    • New /renamezone command.
    • Added /deleteteamflag command.
  • Other new settings:
    • '/zonecfg minplayers:1 minteams:1' are the default values. If you don't have minplayers players on at least minteams teams, then the players can't leave the spawn.
    • Use '/zonecfg nodrops:true' to prevent players from dropping any items in the warzone.
  • Fixes
    • Doors reset much better now.
    • Respawn now stops fire properly.
    • Less hits on PLAYER_MOVE, to help with performance.
  • Known issues
    • Something about using leather armor in loadouts is breaking item function.
    • Lobbies still attached to warzones sometimes get player teleported under them because of their being temporarily reset.
Report back with your bugs and feedback. Thanks!

Compatible with Craftbukkit RB #1185

v1.6 - de Gaulle - PREVIEW 3+4+5

posted Aug 7, 2011, 2:51 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Aug 8, 2011, 8:06 PM ]

Ahoy! Updates are slow, as always. Sorry for the delays. I hope you'll find something you like in this 3rd preview release [sic] of War v1.6.

Shout out to TimWolla who helped rework the way War handles commands (and clean up my messy codebase), which brings us to the changelist:

PREVIEW 5: Removed the spammy pvp permission detection logging code. Sorry I missed that.

PREVIEW 4: Sorry to ask you to redownload. The /setteamflag command was broken.

What's new:
  • Use commands from the console or from outside warzones (those that make sense, anyway). For example, try "/zonecfg volcanoes disabled:false maxscore:20". In other words, you can now optionally specify the name of a warzone with every sensible command. Thanks Tim!
  • Added simple kill/death messages. With War now preventing HeroicDeath from firing, it had gotten way too quiet.
  • Added new 'war.pvp' permission, which allows you to get around the pvpinzonesonly:true settings, allowing world-specific pvp restrictions. 
    • Give regular players the 'war.pvp' premissions node to let them fight outside warzones when the setting pvpinzonesonly is on. Works in the same way as '' (which gets around buildinzonesonly:true). 
    • IMPORTANT: Starting now, zonemakers (i.e. those with 'war.*') can PVP outside warzones when /warcfg buildinzonesonly:true. Give them the negative '-war.pvp' permission node to restrict their PVP rights.
  • The warning when pvpinzonesonly:on is preventing players from doing PVP can be turned off with "/warcfg disablepvpmessage:true".
  • You can turn off/on the plugin with /unloadwar and /loadwar.
  • /god is disabled automatically in warzones (i.e. damage events are uncanceled).
  • The monument heal amount can be changed through "/zonecfg [zone-name] monumentheal:3".
  • Added three automatic zone reset settings:
    • Use "/zonecfg [zone-name] resetonempty:true" to reset the warzone when the last player leaves (just like old War behavior). This is less confusing to new players who join a partially-finished warzone down the road.
    • Use "/zonecfg [zone-name] resetonload:true" to reset the warzone blocks when the plugin is loaded (through /reload or /loadwar).
    • Use "/zonecfg [zone-name] resetonunload:true" to reset the warzone blocks when the plugin is unloaded (through /reload or /unloadwar).
  • Op is zonemaker by default. Sorry for not putting this in in the first place.
  • Updated usage messages when commands are misused. Also, updated readme.
  • Warhub orientation can finally be changed. Yay! Just use "/setwarhub", and it will appear in the direction you are facing.
  • Added a command whitelist to get around the blanket ban of non-War commands inside warzones. You can only change this by changing the field in war.txt (ex: "commandWhitelist=give,fly," will allow players to spawn items and fly inside warzones, if they have the required permissions).
  • You can print the plugin and warzone settings (and change them at the same time). Use "/zonecfg [zone-name] -p spawnstyle:small" or simply "/zonecfg [zone-name] print" or even "/warcfg -p pvpinzonesonly:true". The returned message will return the full config.
Bug fixes:
  • Explosive deaths are now properly registered. Please let me know if you get any more respawn screens when dying - you shouldn't.
  • Inventories of players are now reset when the zone is deleted.
  • Lobbies reappear after a reload. Sorry about that.
  • Changing the team spawn style (with /zonecfg [zone-name] spawstyle:<big/flat/small/invisible>) doesn't mess up the surrounding of the spawn anymore.
  • Auto-assign gates now use the proper colors.
  • No more portal blocks being set in warhub gates.

Thanks for your patience and for your feedback!

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