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v0.4 - Montgomery

posted Jan 22, 2011, 12:55 PM by tommy tony
"With stout hearts, and with enthusiasm for the contest, let us go forward to victory."

Thanks for the downloads and the great feedback everyone. This is a release to fix bugs and missing gameplay bits mostly. Adds Permissions support (v1.7).
  • Commands work anew with the latest Craftbukkit (i.e. after #114)
  • Zone resizing should be less broken. Sorry for your screwed up maps!
  • Trying to handle death better until the death event is added to bukkit.
  • Larger magic walls let less drops through
  • Resetting the spawn every time someone dies otherwise signs don't reset.
  • Permissions plugin support. Add war.* and war.player permission nodes.
  • Spawns are protected areas now (can't be attacked)
  • Arrows work now (detects deaths, illegal attacks, etc)

Note: Tested with Craftbukkit #126 and Permissions 1.7

Enjoy, and don't forget to report back if things are broken!