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v0.9 - Simonds

posted Feb 9, 2011, 11:33 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Feb 10, 2011, 12:24 AM ]
We must have sufficient forces in being to turn the aggressor from the risk that his first violent blow would not lead to the complete success which he must achieve. - Lieutenant General Guy Simonds

New in this update:
  • Compatibility with craftbukkit #298 
    • Please let me know if everything is ok across many worlds, as I haven't tested it.
    • For now, there is one warhub for the whole server, not per world.
  • Choose the style of your team spawns: small, flat or big (default).
  • Added permission node for warping (/warhub and /zone): please add 'player.warp' to everyone concerned.
  • Reward for the winning players: customize end-of-game rewards just like loadouts. Default reward is cake.
  • Choose the orientation of the team flag
  • Kill players that sneak out of warzone
  • Added much needed color to the chat messages (also got rid of the really annoying login message - sorry!)
  • Fixed client crash when opening inventory after leaving zone
Please come and shout at me if I broke anything. :)