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v1.3.2 - Rokossovsky - twice updated!

posted Mar 20, 2011, 11:28 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Mar 23, 2011, 12:02 PM ]
The German army is a machine, and machines can be broken!

Here's a big stability update targeted for Craftbukkit RB #556.
  • Performance enhancements: should feel much snappier and be less buggy for players that die, thanks to a better use of the scheduler. Note that zone resets are slightly delayed now.
  • Proper multi-world support
    • Warzones don't conflict accross worlds anymore
    • Zones are loaded with a delay at plugin enable-time. This should leave enough time to MultiVerse to load the secondary worlds before their warzones start resetting.
    • Nether lobbies appear at a reasonable height. Outlines are still buggy though: use "/zonecfg outline:off".
  • New aliases: you can now use "/warcfg" instead of "/setwarconfig" and "/zonecfg" instead of "/setzoneconfig"
  • Warzone rally points: use "/warcfg rallypoint:<warzone-name>" to change the location where players get teleported at the end of a match for that zone. This effectively lets you link warzones together in a sequence, or simply prevent players from re-joining a warzone right away.
  • New minimum zone size: 10x10. New max: 750x750 (you want to try this at your own risk, though).
  • Ladders, lever and other blocks that can be set on walls should now reset properly in all cases.
  • Wool blocks can now be saved in chests and will be reset with their color (now persisting chest item durability and data, instead of just type and item count).
  • Fixed many instances of sign spam.
  • Update: v1.3.1 - Finally fixed Multiverse and HeroicDeath compatibility, which should solve all current multi-world and respawn inventory problem. Sorry for wasting your time with this.
  • Update 2: v1.3.2 - MUST-HAVE update. Fixed dispensers causing warzone corruption on /savezone. Please update if you're running 1.3 or 1.3.1, as both of these are broken. So sorry. :(