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v1.5.1 - MacArthur - updated!

posted May 21, 2011, 8:04 AM by tommy tony   [ updated May 21, 2011, 4:05 PM ]
It was close; but that's the way it is in war. You win or lose, live or die — and the difference is just an eyelash.

Good news everyone, War v1.5 is finally here. 

At last, I admitted defeat and pushed off solving most performance issues until next version. Here's a rundown of all the v1.5 changes:
  • Cuboid warzones: /setzone now has three modes that can be mixed-and-matched
    1. Wand-Cuboid mode
      • Type "/setzone ziggy" (or "/setzone ziggy wand").
      • You'll receive a wooden sword. Left-click to place the first corner. Right-click to place the second cuboid corner.
      • Drop the sword to deactivate warzone setting and resizing.
    2. Wandless-Cuboid mode
      • At one extremity, type "/setzone ziggy corner1" (or c1 or pos1 instead of "corner1").
      • At the other end, type "/setzone ziggy corner2" (or c2/pos2).
      • Make sure to remember what corner is where!
    3. Classic Northwest/Southeast mode
      • The old "/setzone ziggy <nw/se>" mode is still supported.
      • By default, the Northwest corner becomes corner1 (with corner1 at the top block, y=127).
        • i.e, to bring down the roof of a classic warzone, go to the Northwest corner at the desired height and type "/setzone ziggy c1".
      • By default, the Southeast corner becomes corner2 (with corner2 at the bottom block, y=0).
        • i.e, to bring up the floor of a classic warzone, go to the Southeast corner at the desired height and type "/setzone ziggy c2".
      • Using nw/se to resize a cuboid warzone will not change the height of its corners.
  • Detachable lobbies
    • With the new cuboid mode, lobbies now automatically appear at mid-height of the cuboid (i.e. not necessarily at the surface anymore). This makes their positioning more predictable. From within a warzone, you can still use "/setzonelobby <north/south/west/east>" to change which wall the lobby is attached to.
    • When outside a warzone, type "/setzonelobby <warzone-name>" to detach the lobby form the warzone's wall and place it where you are standing.
    • In general, lobbies should cause a lot less headaches and reset properly (I can't make any promises for the warhub, though).
  • Workaround for the kicked-for-moving-too-quickly bug that occurred when people in warzones died in lava. I bluntly prevent them from getting kicked now.
  • No more glass warzone outlines on the ground. As zonemaker, use "/zonemaker" to bring up the magic walls to help you.
  • Various smaller additions and fixes
    • Can't capture the flag of team with no members (thanks SuperYoshi!)
    • Configurable health bonus for monuments (thanks SuperYoshi!)
    • Can't score if only players in one team
    • No more FF message when arrows bounce back onto you
    • Zonemakers, when on a team in a warzone, will see magic walls (they used to be able to just step out).
    • Zonemakers can now edit the blocks on the edges of warzones
    • Added "/zm" alias for "/zonemaker"
    • Made War /reload friendly
    • Added "/unloadwar" and "/loadwar" commands. Unfortunately, in its current state, "/unloadwar" doesn't free up all the memory used by warzones, only part of it. The only true performance fix you have for now is to remove warzones from the "plugins/War/war.txt" file so that they don't get loaded when you reboot your server.
    • When people log-out mid-game and the server shuts down, their inventory now gets properly reset (thanks to a Craftbukkit update).
    • The warzone friendlyfire setting should now be written to disk properly.
I'll be updating the instructions page today to better explain the new commands. I'll also cobble together a new youtube video.

UPDATE: Sorry everyone. I didn't test lobbies properly after adding the detached option. Everything should be better now.

Let me thank you gratefully for your patience with this update and for the 5200+ direct downloads of War v1.4.2 - Slim (and the 5000 additional downloads through CraftbukkitUpToDate). Your support means a lot. War on!