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v1.6 - de Gaulle - FINAL

posted Oct 1, 2011, 12:52 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Oct 1, 2011, 1:23 PM ]
Today I finally finished the last ticket I had scheduled for the War v1.6 milestone. Crazy stuff in this release has been months in the making.

Thanks to @TimWolla who helped me a lot. Here's what's new in this final release of War v1.6:
  • Classes
    • Use '/zonecfg loadout:<extra-loadout-name>' to add an alternate respawn loadout. Players switch loadouts by sneaking.
    • Use '/zonecfg deleteloadout:<name>' to get rid of an extra loadout. You can delete the default loadout.
  • For MC 1.8+
    • Now saving health level, food level, saturation, exhaustion and gamemode when you enter a warzone.
    • Forcing creative mode player to switch to survival when they join a game.
    • Disable the hunger bar with '/zonecfg nohunger:true'. This also turns off the health-regeneration of food.
    • Instead, determine how fast players will become hungry after a respawn with '/zonecfg saturation:<0 to 20>'.
  • Glass walls
    • Glass walls can be turned off with '/zonecfg glasswalls:off'.
    • You get bumped back into the zone instead of back to the spawn if you walk out of the zone boundaries.
  • Gameplay
    • Use '/zonecfg flagreturn:<both/spawn/flag>' to change where the flag carrier can return the flag.
    • '/zonecfg flagpointsonly:true' let's you have pure CTF.
    • Easy spleef with two new settings: '/zonecfg pvpinzone:false instabreak:true' to turn off pvp inside a zone and let players break blocks instantly.
  • TNT
    • New TNT protection scheme. Important structures are rolled back instead of stopping explosions.
    • With the setting '/warcfg tntinzonesonly:true', any TNT explosion outside a warzone is cancelled.
    • TNT inside warzones is allowed. Outside blocks affected by explosions from inside the warzone are rolled back.
  • Fancy new death messages.
  • SuperPerms/PermissionsBukkit support. See WAR-README.txt for permissions.
  • Added helmet/blockhead protection: if you remove your head block, it will be reset automatically (and you are prevented from holding too many head-items).
  • Dropped items get cleaned up after each reset (thanks Tim!)
  • New commands:
    • New /renamezone command.
    • Added /deleteteamflag command.
  • Other new settings:
    • '/zonecfg minplayers:1 minteams:1' are the default values. If you don't have minplayers players on at least minteams teams, then the players can't leave the spawn.
    • Use '/zonecfg nodrops:true' to prevent players from dropping any items in the warzone.
  • Fixes
    • Doors reset much better now.
    • Respawn now stops fire properly.
    • Less hits on PLAYER_MOVE, to help with performance.
  • Known issues
    • Something about using leather armor in loadouts is breaking item function.
    • Lobbies still attached to warzones sometimes get player teleported under them because of their being temporarily reset.
Report back with your bugs and feedback. Thanks!

Compatible with Craftbukkit RB #1185