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v1.6 - de Gaulle - PREVIEW 2

posted Jul 2, 2011, 11:25 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Jul 3, 2011, 1:35 PM ]
Hi everyone. War v1.6 isn't finished but here's a preview build that works with the newest Craftbukkit builds.

Hopefully it will be stable enough to tide you over until the final release. Thanks for helping me test it out.
  • PREVIEW 2: Fixed bug with new file format where resetting a warzone containing an empty chest or an empty dispenser would throw thousands of exceptions, kicking everyone.
  • Only stopping health regeneration due to Peaceful regen.
  • PREVIEW 1:Since teleporting loops were breaking everything, I rushed out this PREVIEW build as soon as possible.
  • New file format (prepare for sligthly glitchy resets). Conversion happens at first startup. Warzones are reset from disk (blocks not held in memory all the time anymore). RAM usage goes down noticably.
  • Warzones don't reset at startup/shutdown anymore.
  • Fixed teleportation issues since the Craftbukkit changes. Gates work again.
  • Permissions 3.x support.
  • New magic glass walls that retract as you move around.
  • Other changes (thanks @TimWolla): delete warzone by name, invisible spawn style, flag carriers can't hide in spawn anymore, health regain blocked in peaceful.

Compatible with Recommended Builds #935 and #953.