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v1.6 - de Gaulle - PREVIEW 3+4+5

posted Aug 7, 2011, 2:51 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Aug 8, 2011, 8:06 PM ]
Ahoy! Updates are slow, as always. Sorry for the delays. I hope you'll find something you like in this 3rd preview release [sic] of War v1.6.

Shout out to TimWolla who helped rework the way War handles commands (and clean up my messy codebase), which brings us to the changelist:

PREVIEW 5: Removed the spammy pvp permission detection logging code. Sorry I missed that.

PREVIEW 4: Sorry to ask you to redownload. The /setteamflag command was broken.

What's new:
  • Use commands from the console or from outside warzones (those that make sense, anyway). For example, try "/zonecfg volcanoes disabled:false maxscore:20". In other words, you can now optionally specify the name of a warzone with every sensible command. Thanks Tim!
  • Added simple kill/death messages. With War now preventing HeroicDeath from firing, it had gotten way too quiet.
  • Added new 'war.pvp' permission, which allows you to get around the pvpinzonesonly:true settings, allowing world-specific pvp restrictions. 
    • Give regular players the 'war.pvp' premissions node to let them fight outside warzones when the setting pvpinzonesonly is on. Works in the same way as '' (which gets around buildinzonesonly:true). 
    • IMPORTANT: Starting now, zonemakers (i.e. those with 'war.*') can PVP outside warzones when /warcfg buildinzonesonly:true. Give them the negative '-war.pvp' permission node to restrict their PVP rights.
  • The warning when pvpinzonesonly:on is preventing players from doing PVP can be turned off with "/warcfg disablepvpmessage:true".
  • You can turn off/on the plugin with /unloadwar and /loadwar.
  • /god is disabled automatically in warzones (i.e. damage events are uncanceled).
  • The monument heal amount can be changed through "/zonecfg [zone-name] monumentheal:3".
  • Added three automatic zone reset settings:
    • Use "/zonecfg [zone-name] resetonempty:true" to reset the warzone when the last player leaves (just like old War behavior). This is less confusing to new players who join a partially-finished warzone down the road.
    • Use "/zonecfg [zone-name] resetonload:true" to reset the warzone blocks when the plugin is loaded (through /reload or /loadwar).
    • Use "/zonecfg [zone-name] resetonunload:true" to reset the warzone blocks when the plugin is unloaded (through /reload or /unloadwar).
  • Op is zonemaker by default. Sorry for not putting this in in the first place.
  • Updated usage messages when commands are misused. Also, updated readme.
  • Warhub orientation can finally be changed. Yay! Just use "/setwarhub", and it will appear in the direction you are facing.
  • Added a command whitelist to get around the blanket ban of non-War commands inside warzones. You can only change this by changing the field in war.txt (ex: "commandWhitelist=give,fly," will allow players to spawn items and fly inside warzones, if they have the required permissions).
  • You can print the plugin and warzone settings (and change them at the same time). Use "/zonecfg [zone-name] -p spawnstyle:small" or simply "/zonecfg [zone-name] print" or even "/warcfg -p pvpinzonesonly:true". The returned message will return the full config.
Bug fixes:
  • Explosive deaths are now properly registered. Please let me know if you get any more respawn screens when dying - you shouldn't.
  • Inventories of players are now reset when the zone is deleted.
  • Lobbies reappear after a reload. Sorry about that.
  • Changing the team spawn style (with /zonecfg [zone-name] spawstyle:<big/flat/small/invisible>) doesn't mess up the surrounding of the spawn anymore.
  • Auto-assign gates now use the proper colors.
  • No more portal blocks being set in warhub gates.

Thanks for your patience and for your feedback!