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v1.7 - Doolittle

posted Feb 1, 2012, 7:54 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Feb 1, 2012, 9:47 PM ]
If we should have to fight, we should be prepared to so so from the neck up instead of from the neck down.

I couldn't finish everything I wanted to do for this release, but I managed to squeeze in some pretty good bits nonetheless. 

What's new:
  • Team specific settings and config inheritance:
    • There are now three levels of configuration (as opposed to two): 
      • War/global (try /warcfp -p)
      • Warzone-specific (/zonecfp -p) 
      • New: Team-specific (/teamcfg -p)
    • Defaults are defined at the War level globally, but you can override them with /zonecfg and /teamcfg. For example, use "/teamcfg blue lifepool:100 respawntimer:5" to change only that team's settings.
    • To restore config inheritance use, for example, "/teamcfg blue delete:lifepool". If a warzone-level lifepool setting exists, its value takes over. If not, the War-level default is applied.
  • Brand new gameplay structures! The Cake and the Bomb.
    • The Cake
      • Set down with "/setcake <cake-name>", delete with "/deletecake <name>".
      • Bring it back to your spawn for a point and a lifepool refill for your team.
    • The Bomb
      • Place with "/setbomb <bomb-name>", delete with "/deletebomb <name>".
      • Rush for the enemy spawn to blow it up.
      • Don't get attacked at close range while carrying a bomb or you'll blow up.
  • Spout integration
    • Warzone stats are displayed at top left
    • Dedicated War message feed (for less War chat spam - win!)
    • Notifications for warzone events using the achievements widgets (looks awesome)
  • A new, more friendly Yaml config file format (conversion is done at startup), finally.
  • New realdeaths and deathmessages configs that let you disable fast respawns (for better plugin cross-compatibility) and turn off kill/death messages.
  • A respawntimer:<seconds> setting to let you keep players stuck in spawn after respawning.
  • Experience is stored along with the rest of the player's state at warzone entry (and restored at exit).
  • Bomb carriers emit a smoke trail. Similarly, flag and cake thieves can be more easily tracked down because they leave a trail of team-colored potion effects.
What are you waiting for?

Compatible with Craftbukkit 1.1-R3. 

Please backup before updating and report back with your issues.