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posted Jun 23, 2012, 3:12 PM by tommy tony   [ updated Jun 23, 2012, 3:13 PM ]
Hello everyone,

Over the past three months, War has more than doubled in popularity - War v1.7.1 was downloaded over 30,000 times. I need thank everyone for trying out the plugin and all the contributors that helped us get here. Thank you so much!

Now I'll be the first to admit that War has some quirks, so for this release I focused on fixing bugs and tweaking existing game mechanics. Still, I needed to keep this fun so I sneaked in a few features that were highly requested and some that I'd wanted to put in there for way too long.

Over the past week I finally went to work (sorry for the delays!) and got this rather sizable "stability & small improvements" release together for you:

New/Adjusted Features
  • Inventory reset and end-of-game code reworked and toughened up to make sure people get their inventories back after a game of War (so sorry for the problems! - see Bug fixes below)
  • Players can now bring a copy of their inventories inside the warzone
    • One of the most often requested features over the past few months
    • Use "/zonecfg playerloadoutasdefault:true". The player's own inventory as he entered the warzone becomes his default loadout every time he respawns.
    • Alternate loadouts can still be used. The player gets his full inventory back when he exits the match.
  • TDM and CTF stalemates caused by spawn protection cannot happen anymore
    • Can't re-enter spawn! Players cannot get back into their own spawn after exiting (unless for legitimate flag and cake captures).
    • Players that are still the spawn are still invincible, in order to let them select then loadout in peace.
    • You can still enter the enemy's span in order to bump off and punish afk people, though.
  • Warhub, lobby don't wipe their entire volume to air anymore
    • In warhub and lobbies, only the minimal block path required to let players teleport and to let them navigate between gates is cleared.
    • Similarly, gameplay structures (monument, flag, cake, bomb, spawn) now only clear a 2-block high space of air (instead of a needlessly large volume).
  • Customizable warhub and lobby materials
    • Hold the block of your choosing in your hand then use 
      • /warcfg warhubmaterial:<floor/outline/gate/light> or
      • /zonecfg lobbymaterial:<floor/outline/gate/light>
    • If you are holding nothing (i.e. air) and you use these commands with the "floor" or the "outline" parameter, it tells War to use the original floor instead of overwriting it.
    • Lobbies of new warzones take their materials from the warhub's settings
  • PRO TIP: The brand new (slightly backwards) way to build a pretty warhub or warzone lobby is here!
    • First, build a nice area with a nice floor, colums or other details. 
    • THEN, use /setwarhub or /setzonelobby to place your structure. 
    • Switch out the materials with "/warcfg warhubmaterial:<floor/outline/gate/light>" or "/zonecfg lobbymaterial:<floor/outline/gate/light>".
    • Hold nothing while using the warhubmaterial:<floor/outline> or lobbymaterial:<floor/outline> command in order to keep your original floor.
    • Voilà! You have a pretty warhub or lobby!
    • If your lobby or warhub is already placed, I suggest moving it away, making a nice build, then placing it back in its original position once you are done. Akward for now, but it works! :)
  • Customizable monument, flag stand, cake and bomb materials
    • Hold the block you want in your hand then use "/zonecfg material:<main/stand/light>".
    • Simplified the cake and bomb structures to make customization easier.
  • Less brutal minplayers/minteams check
    • When a player leaves the warzone and makes the warzone population go under minplayers in minteams, you don't get warped back to spawn right at that moment anymore.
    • Once you respawn, you will be locked inside the spawn until there's at least minplayers in minteams.
  • Automatic warzone backups during /savezone, /deletezone and /renamezone
    • If you have the setting "/warcfg keepoldzoneversions:true", then /savezone makes a copy of the old save to the folder /plugins/War/temp/oldversions/ with a timestamp and a version number (i.e. previous number of old versions + 1).
    • Deleted warzones are not truly deleted anymore, they just get moved to the folder /plugins/War/temp/deleted/.
    • When you use /renamezone, a copy of the warzone with its old name is made to /plugins/War/temp/renamed/.
    • WARNING: The new automatic backup can lead to high disk space usage
      • Turn off the oldversion setting with "/warcfg keepoldzoneversions:false" if you prefer to minimize disk space usage.
      • Make sure to permanently delete unneeded files in the /deleted/, /renamed/ and /oldversion/ folder once in a while.
  • Dedicated War log file now at /plugins/War/temp/war.log
    • Added more and better logging of player commands
    • Makes it finally much easier to track down who did what with War config changes
  • Everyone can now see the game rules
    • All can use "/warcfg print" (or "/warcfg -p"). 
    • Same with "/zonecfg print" and "/teamcfg print".
  • Better message formatting
    • Messages from War don't get their words cut in half anymore, making everything much easier to read.
    • Help for /warcfg, /zonecfg, /teamcfg and other commands has more colors and is slightly better structured.

Bug fixes
  • FINALLY, nailed down the inventory reset bug which caused many people to get their inventories wiped or to get replaced by the warzone loadout as they exited.
    • I'm so very sorry for all the drama that must have ensued on all your servers. :( The problem is truly gone now.
    • I used this opportunity to make the end-of-game code more solid to ensure all inventories get reset and the warzone is properly re-initialized.
  • Renaming a warzone with /renamezone now works fine and doesn't completely corrupt the warzone anymore. A backup is taken of the old warzone with its old name in the /plugins/War/temp/ folder.
  • Exiting the warzone accidentally now makes you drop your flag, cake or bomb. This used to be annoying because it let you auto-cap by sneaking out of the zone.
  • Better compatibility with some other plugins by cranking up the priority of War's death and damage event handlers to the highest level
    • Factions: Players from the same faction can now fight each other.
    • mcMMO, MagicSpeels: Players who killed themselved or got one-shot-killed by projectiles now get their loadouts back when they respawn.
    • Heroes: Cleaned up the behavior of War when "/zonecfg realdeaths:true".
  • Support for unsafe/illegal enchantments like those possible with other plugins like Time the Enchanter (loadouts and chests).

Tested with Craftbukkit 1.2.5-R4.

I'll be updating the War manual at momentarily to reflect the new changes.

Thanks so much to all contributors and players and to those who tried out the dev builds at, and thanks in particular to @shanko and @cmastudios for their big help!

Download War v1.7.2 NOW - Join the Fight!

Joyeuse St-Jean-Baptiste! :)