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Sort The Realm of Lumus is a 24/7 server hosted by beastnode. We are running a whole host of plugins like Dynmap, WebAuction, Factions, Warhub, Multiverse, McMMO, Iconomy, Chestshop, and a whole bunch more! We cater to all types of crafters. PVP takes places on the survival worlds, and a structured PVP is available through Warhub. Looking to abuse the economy? You will enjoy using ChestShop and WebAuction! You can also use your hard earned funds to claim territory with factions, or rent a plot in Lumia, the spawn city! Creative players have the option of playing on our flatgrass creative world, and participating in our weekly contests, as run by WillJCJ! Please visit our website, . AnimalCraft WarShaft BlockHeaven - 100% legit survival - Towny, Classes, Economy, PvP - Games map using War and other plugins for entertainment including PvP, CTF, spleef, hockey, and more! - Check our site at (information on games map at OlmCraft!!! Imm0rt41's server RainbowSquid's recommendation! marciopol's dedicated 20 slot War server hubarena - 24/7 server with 10 slots BobWorld KNEjk's server - he makes killer warzones! Techgalaxy with War and a custom CTF mode based on Classic Minecraft CTF PGC Minecraft Server with 3 epic warzones, OpGrounds is a Survival/PVE/PVP with the best War warzones! Minecraft Warcraft RedSox World Wonder Craft® mebe's friendly PVP server Barebones is a SMP Town build server, Currently running Iconomy, McMMO, Localshops, nspleef, and plenty of anti-grief mods Please make a post on our forum topic to get whitelisted! Minecraft forums link; Forum post: SpiderWebb server! Forum post - Essentials|Turnstile|War|MinecartMania|mcMMO|and more! Small, but highly organized server. SoulCraft - 100 slot, 12GB RAM, pvp survival economy server sicksurfer's server - whitelist is off - forum link: - minestatus link: Netherlands War server - on as long as possible each day! It's a new War server! The New Fags Public Server - Dedicated Host - Unlimited Players - Subscribe at A free-for-all PvP server where (almost) anything goes! Kill, steal and backstab! Join the war arenas and travel to the Gods' planes! zoe5192's War server MetersCubed - Survival/Free Build with themed warzones (Pirateship Wars, Ambrush, Spleef Arena, NetherWars, Race to the Oasis) City with battlefields on everything from stone and sand to water and underground See for description. Sign up at The War Hub - tommytony's official War server Plop's RP server! See Server Addicted, 24/7 with special Firing Range styled map from Black Ops. Rules here, Dedicated server up 24/7. The Architect - A small world with big dreams. This War server is running along side mcMMO and Towny. VanillaBuild Server EpicCraft Abecbu's War server [up most of the time - 15 slots] 
Showing 41 items